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V12 Vantage Roadster colors

The full list of all 101 V12 Vantage Roadsters.

( If you own one these beauties and want to help completing The Register, please let me know your VIN#, your plaque number and other car details, in the Comments section at the bottom. Thank you! )

# VIN Color Country Owner Reg. Interior
S21003 LHD Quantum Silver UK Demo KX12KMV
S21004 RHD Flame Orange UK Demo KX12KMU
S21021 LHD Artica (Rolls-Royce) UK Demo KX12KXK
S21058 RHD Ceramic Grey UK Demo
S21060 RHD Red Lion UK Demo KX62BWP
S21061 LHD Ceramic Grey Germany Demo (PBS tour)
002 S21139 LHD Cobalt Blue Netherlands Alwin SI-317-B Obsidian Black /
Spectral Blue
005 S21286 RHD Ceramic Grey UK Jonathan V12JBK Lords Red
007 S21131 LHD Elwood Blue /
White AM Racing nose
Germany Olaf
008 S21249 LHD Ceramic Grey Belgium Johan Obsidian Black / Red stitching
010 S21171 RHD Volcano Red UK Graham V12GJY Obsidian Black / Silver stitching / Black roof
017 S21137 RHD Tungsten Silver UK Ian V12POS Bitter Chocolate
026 S21162 LHD Onyx Black Switzerland Daniel SH 265 Obsidian black with silver stitching, yellow brakes.
046 S21210 RHD Ceramic Grey UK Darren Obsidian Black /
White Stitching
047 S21243 RHD Morning Frost White UK Amanda RAP 111D Obsidian black, Galena Silver welt ( piping and not stiching), Yellow callipers
062 S21188 RHD Sunburst Yellow UK Nigel VR62AML Black, Yellow stitching
063 S21264 RHD Flame Orange UK Black, Kestrel Tan stitching
064 S21142 RHD Storm Black Australia Ganesh V12 AML Obsidian Black with Chancellor Red Stitching and Chancellor Red Seats
077 S21166 LHD Tungsten Silver Switzerland Tony Bitter Chocolate
097 S21260 LHD Azurite Black Netherlands Tom Obsidian Black
S21124 LHD Volcano Red Belgium
S21125 LHD Onyx Black Belgium
S21132 LHD Onyx Black Germany
S21135 LHD Hammerhead Silver Germany
S21138 RHD Morning Frost White UK
S21146 LHD Onyx Black Germany
S21147 LHD Jet Black Germany
S21148 LHD Meteorite Silver Switzerland
S21154 LHD Nero Black Germany
S21155 RHD Morning Frost White UK
S21158 LHD Onyx Black Germany
S21159 LHD Volcano Red Germany
S21160 LHD Onyx Black Germany
S21163 LHD AML Carbon Black Switzerland
S21164 LHD Red Lion Germany
S21165 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21169 LHD Quantum Silver Switzerland
S21173 RHD Red Lion UK
S21174 RHD Morning Frost White South Africa
S21175 RHD Lightning Silver UK
S21177 RHD Tungsten Silver UK
S21178 LHD Artica (Rolls-Royce) Switzerland
S21179 RHD Onyx Black Japan
S21183 LHD Meteorite Silver Switzerland
S21184 RHD Azurite Black UK
S21185 RHD Kopi Bronze UK
S21186 RHD Ceramic Grey UK
S21187 RHD Ceramic Grey UK
S21191 LHD Nero Black Germany
S21192 RHD Amethyst Red UK
S21193 RHD Ceramic Grey UK
S21194 RHD Artica (Rolls-Royce) UK
S21195 LHD Onyx Black Belgium
S21197 LHD Onyx Black Switzerland
S21199 RHD Hammerhead Silver UK
S21200 LHD Onyx Black Belgium
S21202 RHD Morning Frost White UK
S21204 RHD Canna Di Fucile (Ferrari) UK Black roof, Phantom Grey interior, B&O sound, Piano
Black Facia, Heated Sports Seats.
S21212 LHD Jet Black Germany
S21216 LHD Storm Black France
S21220 LHD Jet Black Germany
S21221 LHD Jet Black Germany
S21222 RHD Azurite Black UK
S21223 LHD Jet Black Germany
S21225 RHD Ceramic Grey UK
S21226 RHD Quantum Silver UK
S21228 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany
S21229 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21230 RHD Lightning Silver UK
S21232 RHD Hammerhead Silver UK
S21233 LHD Onyx Black Germany
S21238 LHD Jet Black Germany
S21239 LHD Meteorite Silver Switzerland
S21240 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21241 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany
S21242 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany
S21244 RHD Morning Frost White UK
S21251 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21252 RHD Ceramic Grey UK
S21255 LHD Ceramic Grey Germany
S21261 RHD Skyfall Silver Australia
S21262 RHD Morning Frost White UK
S21269 LHD Almond Green Germany
S21275 RHD Mariana Blue UK
S21277 RHD Onyx Black UK
S21279 RHD Skyfall Silver UK
S21280 RHD Nero Daytona (Ferrari) UK
S21281 RHD Onyx Black UK
S21283 RHD Skyfall Silver New Zealand
S21287 RHD Morning Frost White UK
S21288 LHD Stratus White Brazil
S21290 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany
S21292 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany
S21293 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21295 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21297 LHD AML Carbon Black Germany
S21300 LHD AML Carbon Black Belgium
S21305 LHD Quantum Silver Germany
S21310 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany
S21312 LHD Ceramic Grey Germany
S21323 LHD Ceramic Grey Germany
S21324 LHD Tungsten Silver Germany

28 thoughts on “The Register

  1. Hi Alwin, think I saw you at a distance at the Centenary Dinner. Mine has a bitter chocolate roof and interior and the reg is V12 POS. if you need anything else let me know. ATB Ian

    • Hi Darren,

      Thought mine was the only V12VR in the South West 🙂 I am in Devon near Exeter. Are you in AMOC – if not let me know if you would like to join in any events and I can send details – I am the Area Rep for Devon & Cornwall.

        • Hi Darren, Excellent news. I am the Area Rep for Area 20 and will await your details coming through. If you want to get in touch sooner for info on what we are doing you can find me on the AMOC site, UK AMOC, Area Reps section. Send me an email and I will forward your our 2013 calendar. Regards. Ian

  2. I think demonstrator KX62BWP is also Flame Orange rather than Red Lion. It was at the Hilton dinner, tested by Classic Driver and featured on the AM stand at Top Gear at the Birmingham NEC in October.

  3. Hi Alwin,

    Do you know if they have all been built yet and will you be able to complete the information on here? I count 93 customer cars on the list so far.



  4. Hi Alwin, Just to let you know the Flame Orange car (no 63) at Grange Exeter has been sold. Understand the owner lives in Somerset but have no other details.

  5. Hi Alwin, I see you’ve added three more since I last looked – 21312/323/324. But now you have 102 cars listed so can you clear this anomaly up?

    • I know, 102 on the list now. Weird, right?
      Maybe one of the demos doesn’t count, maybe they all don’t count and we can expect more customer cars to come.
      Maybe one of the cars listed is a regular V12 Vantage and somehow got on the list?

      I’ll try to get to the bottom of this 🙂

  6. Do we know which of these cars is the white one with red CF used in the early publicity ? BR have worked on an azurite UK car so they can hopefully give you some details of that one.

  7. I was wondering about that but had not thought any of the demos would be included in the 101 customer cars. Also just seen no 73/101 on YouTube described as being a ‘carbon black’ car in a dealership. Cannot see a carbon black car in the UK but there are a couple of Onyx cars.

  8. Hi Alwin, pleas add 21166 – nbr 077 – tungsten silver and bitter chocolate…I am from Schönenberg, Switzerland…txs for your great work…

  9. S21142 Storm Black, two tone interior Obsidian Black with Chancellor Red Stitching and Chancellor Red Seats, Plate 64, Rego: V12 AML, Sydney, Australia.

  10. Alwin, H R Owen have the Red Lion demo car in stock (POA), they have called me to see if i a intrested, is this KX62 BWP as it has over 9,000 miles on. Done the rounds so a bit concerned where it has been and who with. Will call H R Owen to get some more info.

  11. just bought S21162 (No. 026). Onyx black, Obsidian black with silver stitching, yellow brakes. Delivery is coming Tuesday. Reg. SH 265
    Flurlingen, Switzerland

  12. chassis # SCFEABFF1CGS21243
    Plate RAP 111D
    Interior Obsidian black leather with Q by Aston Martin-Galena Silver welt ( piping and not stiching)
    Calipers in yellow
    living in Hampshire
    Morning Frost

    Attending Beaulieu Motor Museum Supercar showdown on August 26 2013

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